I wish someone would tell me they love me and we could be together

i wish someone was out there who i knew would always listen to me and love me back as i love them………….but this is reality and im worthless and ugly

And the darkness ever comes closer. Why can’t I be good enough for someone. Why couldn’t the blade have dug deep enough

None answer as sweetly as the cold kiss of steel on my skin, whispering secrets in silence

The time I could really use some one to talk to everyone is asleep. Ugh. Wish I was good enough once

i hate being nameless and faceless to you. i try so hard to get to know you and connect and all you perceive is me being annoying. this is all a crush ever is, pain over what you want but cant have

and in the end there was truly only yourself, and no one to help you stand when you needed it most
when you are sad and alone, when others laugh all you hear is silence, and feel the straining of your lips curling into a fake smile
You: hi
Stranger: *runs away*
You: *shoots wildly*
You: WHERE R U RUNNING ?!?!?!?
Stranger: *falls to the ground*
You: *casually walks over*
You: its a good day to die
Stranger: yes it is.. *shoots in head*
You: * slow motion falls to ground*
You: *sirens heard in the distance*
Stranger: *runs like hell*
Stranger: *trips on rock*
You: *que dramatic music
You: (wat song ?)
Stranger: umm.. idk
You: la fortuna?
Stranger: yes
You: resume
Stranger: *tries getting up*
Stranger: *cop kicks in balls*
You: *its a burlesque female cop in scnty clothing*
You: "howd u like that"
Stranger: "It hurt.. do it again"
You: *slowly takes off clothes*
You: "im gonna have some fun with you"
You: *proceed to sodimize*
Stranger: *sees horse hung female tranny cop insert penis in butt*
Stranger: *cries like little girl*
You: *cop laughs while pounding away*
You: im gonna call some friends
You: (mischevous smile)
You: *hears appoaching feet*
Stranger: *looks up while crying only to see presumed dead guy still alive*
Stranger: *guy punches cop in boob*
Stranger: *boob explodes*
You: *cop screams as her/his nuts are twisted into oblivion*
You: *jumps up being supported by presumed dead man who is now naked*
You: *walks into sunset holding each others genitals lovingly*
Stranger: *rips guys genitals off and eats them*
Stranger: *guy falls to ground and dies*
You: *again
Stranger: *zombie rises and chases me down the street*
You: *running down the street trying not to choke on the zombies huge hotdog*
You: *penis wobbling to and fro*
You: *balls playing out the anthem on the inner thigh as he frantically runs into a filled preschool*
Stranger: *children everywhere vomoting*
Stranger: sews zombies penis back on*
Stranger: *proceeds to have hawt gay zombie sex in preschool*
You: * the once sickened preschoolers now become aroused, stripping off their clothes like ricky bobby in talledegs nights*
You: *proceed to giant preschool orgy*
You: *the moans fill the room attracting the hungry gryphons outside in wait into the building*
Stranger: *preschool orgy turns to town orgy*
Stranger: *sodomizes little boy*
You: *little boy turns out to b a big boy and returns the favor*
You: *the town orgy begins to spread like west nile forcing the governments of the world to declare a world wide epidemic in the making*
You: *by the end of 2 weeks only 5% of the human population had survived the deadly strenuous and hip bruising event tht has become known simply as The Sticky Situation*
Stranger: *everyone has AIDS*
You: hashtag africa problems
Stranger: *everyone soon dies*
You: *zombie rave*
Stranger: *fist pump*